August 22, 2022

Faith Community Serves as Lifeline for Foster Children, Families

Eight years ago, Irene Capen and her husband made the life-changing decision to become foster parents. They have fostered 11 children, adopted two, and dedicated themselves to helping others build their families. “The minute they come through that door, they are family, whether they stay for two weeks or 20 years,” said Capen, mother to three biological children. She is the Faith in Motion […]
December 18, 2018

Foster care: ‘The greatest gift of all’

In partnership with faith communities, including the Archdiocese of LA, FosterAll helps families called to foster care When Lou Moore began the process in 2000 that would lead to her and her husband fostering three children and adopting one, she says she wasn’t aware of an organization like FosterAll. “If I had known about this, it would have been a godsend,” said Moore, who […]