Becoming a foster or adoptive parent is a blessing for you and the child. But the process to become one is not easy. FosterAll knows what it’s like to go through the foster care system without someone to help you. It can be overwhelming, challenging and frustrating, leading many to give up. FosterAll’s prospective parents persevere because FosterAll is with them every step of the way.

Let FosterAll be your first step.

Fostering Myths Dispelled

MYTH #1: I can’t foster because I’m single.
You can be single, married or in a domestic partnership, renting an apartment or owning your own home to foster/adopt. You must be financially stable and living in adequate housing conditions.
MYTH #2: I’m too old to foster/adopt a child.
The minimum age to foster/adopt ranges from 18-24 years old depending on the agency and there is no maximum age limitation, except you have to be in good health and financially stable.
MYTH #3: Fostering / Adoption is too expensive for me.
When you foster a child, you receive a monthly stipend to cover the costs of the child and their support services, which is available up until their 21st birthday whether for a foster or adopted child.
MYTH #4: I could never foster. I would get too attached.
When a foster child is removed from their home and placed into foster care, they face the loss of family members, belongings, friends, school and more. Imagine how they feel. Your love could be life changing for these children. Isn’t loving someone and giving back the greatest gift of all?
MYTH #5: I’ve been told that foster children are troubled teens.
There are all ages of children in foster care from infants to toddlers to school age children. You have the choice of the age of the child(ren) you‘d like to foster. Children of all ages thrive with love, support and guidance.

How Your Journey Begins

  • CONNECT with FosterAll by phone or in person
  • LEARN about foster care and the requirements to foster/adopt by attending a FosterAll AskAway or meeting with a FosterAll Liaison
  • ASK FosterAll any additional questions by phone or over a cup of coffee
  • PREPARE for in-home assessment requirements by scheduling a home visit with FosterAll’s Family Support Team
  • SELECT an agency from FosterAll’s recommendation of those best suited for your family
  • COMPLETE state and agency documents with FosterAll’s help
  • FULFILL agency requirements for foster family approval
  • ATTEND FosterAll Support Groups and special family events
  • ACCESS FosterAll’s professional support team for guidance and advice